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What is a discount doc?  Well, I'm really glad you asked.  A discount documentary is your chance to become a filmmaker with the help of an award-winning film production company.  


Our mission with this series is to team up with people/organizations who want to share stories of interesting individuals in their communities doing positive, and creatively, unique projects.  Be they brilliant artists or humanitarians making a difference, there are stories happening everywhere that need to be told.  We figure if you know them, why not get the credit for the film.  For example, if you know someone who paints, that's nice, but it may not make a good short film.  On the other hand, if you know a painter who makes their own paint from the flowers they grow in their garden and paints on handmade canvas made from recycled artwork they bought from the Goodwill, that could make a great documentary.  It could even be a story about you.  Whatever the case, we want to help tell the story.      


Here's how it works.  


You are the director of the film, so you come up with the basic concept and storyline (we'll help you work out the kinks of course).   Then you contact us to tell us about this awesome individual that the world needs to know about.  Once we determine if you have an idea that would make a good short doc, we set up a shoot date(s).   You pay your deposit to hold that date and we come to you and produce your film.  That just about sums it up.    Of course, there is some more specific information below, so make sure you read that as well.  


There are three affordable packages:

Package #1 gets you one day of shooting up to 12 hours at a single location.  Editing is included.  $2500

Package #2 gets you a two-day shoot with up to 12 hours both days and 2 locations.   Editing is included.  $5000

Package #3 gets you a three-day shoot with up to 12 hours of filming each day and 3 locations. Editing is included. $7500


**Time of finished product can range between 2 and 25 minutes. Locations can be different on different days but must remain in the same state and no more than 20 miles from the original staging area.  Locations further away can be added at an additional cost.  Along with your completed product, you will receive an official trailer for your film and a movie poster.  Most projects take between 6 and 8 weeks for completion.  We do not keep the rights to your film, but we do ask to be allowed to use the trailers, as well and clips from the final product for promotional purposes.  We do not do sound mastering, but we have a company on our list that we recommend.   We are not responsible for any promotions outside of our social media platforms and website.  You are entitled to one free correction that is no fault of our own, all other updates can be done for an additional fee.  We will correct any error on our part at no additional charge.  The product will be delivered in .mov, .mp4 formats on an external drive provided by the client.  DCPs for film festivals are available at an additional charge.  Life Long Productions is responsible for all permits if needed.  In the event of inclement weather, a new day(s) can be scheduled at no additional cost.  We do however recommend having an alternate filming location if outdoor filming is not possible.  A deposit of half is due to secure your date(s), the remaining balance will be split equally between the first day of the shoot and the delivery of finished product.   All deposits must be made via Paypal or in the form of a cashier's check made out to Derek Brown/Life Long Productions.  Partial deposit refunds are issued only in the case of the participant failing to meet their commitment.  If we have to reschedule there will be no additional charge.  All days should be scheduled consecutively.  Consideration will be given to non-consecutive days during the same week.  Shoot outside of GA, MS & MO add an additional $750 to prices above.     

Offical Movie Posters